Poem Rocket
Poem Rocket is an experimental U.S. art rock/ noise rock band based currently in rural New York, originally hailing from New York City.

Formed in 1992, the band consists of Michael Peters (vocals, guitar, songwriting), Sandra Gardner (vocals, bass, songwriting), and Peter Gordon (drums). The wedding date of Peters and Gardner is unknown; they had a child in spring of 2003. Originally a four-piece with Dennis Bass also on guitar, Poem Rocket had a string of (often short-lived) drummers, most notably William Shin (Seam) and musician/author Ian Christe.

Other drummers auditioned for the band, including author Paul Collins, who performed with the band in 1993 at CBGB. Drummer Andrew Nelson joined in late 1993, completing the early Poem Rocket sound. The band started off by releasing a few 7" singles and a 10" EP; many songs from these were compiled on the Felix Culpa compilation CD in 1995. Proper debut album Infinite Retry On Parallel Time-out was recorded in 1996-1997 at The Funhouse with William Weber, and was mixed by Wharton Tiers; it was released in early 1998 by PCP Entertainment, a daughter label of Matador Records. After heavy touring in 1995-1996, Bass departed in late 1996, leaving the band as a three-piece. Nelson stayed until 1998, after he threw his drum kit into the audience at the end of a set in Atlanta, GA. Peter Gordon of Gapeseed then replaced Nelson on drums. Poem Rocket began working with Atavistic Records, releasing the concept album psychogeography on Atavistic Records in 2000. Sometime in the next few years (ca. 2002 or 2003), Adam Cooke of Baltimore rock band Roads To Space Travel briefly replaced Gordon on drums. In 2002, based now primarily on a mountainside in upstate New York, the band began work on a double album, titled Invasion! The album was completed in 2006 and released in 2007. A 1999 recording, made at Six Finger Satellite's studio in Providence, RI, remains unreleased. Peters is also a member of the experimental literary collective Be Blank Consort, and has been working on a biography of French architect Fleury Colon. As of 2007, Poem Rocket's full-length CDs remain in print, but their EPs have been out of print and scarce for years. (None of their CDs were apparently ever released on vinyl.)
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