Fred Lonberg-Holm Trio
After leading a klezmer group in New York and playing with Styrenes and God Is My Co-pilot, cellist and avantgarde composer Fred Lonberg-Holm (1962) moved to Chicago and founded the Light Box Orchestra, a rotating orchestra of jazz musicians (guitarists Kevin Drumm and Ben Vida, violinist Bob Marxh, saxophonist Guillermo Gregorio, keyboardist Jim O'Rourke, and so on), so named because the improvisers are switched on and off by a box of lights, whose career is documented on First Contact (Locust, 2002).
A pupil of Anthony Braxton, Lonberg focused his early recordings on improvised music: Theory of Motion (1990), that includes a duet with Braxton, Solos and Trios (1991), the solo Personal Scratch (february 1996).

Trigger was a surreal trio with Paul Hoskin on contrabass clarinet and Leslie Ross on bassoon, documented on All These Things (june 1992), released only in 2006. Peep was a quartet with saxophonist Michael Attias, trombonist Edward Ratliff and percussionist Rob Cimino inspired by circus orchestras and parade bands that recorded Joy of Being (1997). In Zenith was a trio with bassist/trombonist Jeb Bishop and drummer Michael Zerang that recorded Building A Better Future (1998).

Since then, his recordings include: 35 Grapes (march 1998), a duo with percussionist Michael Zerang for which Fred Lonberg-Holm played cello, mandolin, erhu, melodica, banjo; Site-Specific (Explain, 1999), a collection of dissonant duos with Jim O'Rourke, Kevin Drumm, Charles Kim, John Corbett, Michael Zerang, Jim Baker, Ben Vida, Todd Rittman, Michael Krassner, Jeb Bishop, Helen Mirra, and Adam Sonderberg; Claque (Meniscus, 2000), a trio with trumpeter Alex Dorner and Zerang; Disappeared (Nuscope, 2001), a trio with pianist Sten Sandell and Zerang; as well as albums with Peter Broetzmann's and Ken Vandermark's groups.

At the same time, Fred Lonberg-Holm enjoyed playing with rock bands such as U.S. Maple, Boxhead Ensemble, Flying Luttenbachers.
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