Gerry Miles
Gerry Miles is a project of New York avant-garde guitarist Alan Licht, formerly of the Blue Humans and Run On, who, throughout the '90s, produced music as diverse as indie guitar pop, minimalism, free improvisation, and noise, and worked with any number of Downtown N.Y.C. luminaries, from Rudolph Grey through to Loren Mazzacane, as well as being widely known as a music critic. Here he assembled a combo of Lucy Hamilton (ex-of Mars) on clarinet, Melissa Weaver on piano, and Keiji Haino on vocals -- all underpinned by fierce drones from the St. Peters church organ, played by Alan Licht. This improvisation was then edited into this stunning album of avant-garde ambience. The one and only Keiji Haino is an incredibly diverse performer, known for his multiple projects as noise-guitar leader, percussionist and Hurdy Gurdy Man. On few occasions, his vocals strive to emulate the feedback coils of his axe, and the acoustic setting the ensemble sound simply enormous in the reverberating space of the cathedral. The result is that Gerry Miles sounds like one-off avant-garde projects should sound -- absolutely enlightened, fresh, and courageous.
Gerry Miles (with Alan Licht & Keiji Haino)
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