W. W. lowman
"Kumquat May" is the second release of Chicago based artist W.W.Lowman(Bosoc&Jorge,Aluminum Group). Recorded between 2009-2011 at IV Labs. The 8 track full length takes you from renditions of ancient Vietnamese lullabys to pop to minimalistic pieces such as "Gnawsh" Featuring musicians such as Frank Navin, Dave Miller, Corin Healey along with many others.
W.W. Lowman has toured across the U.S and Europe in support of his debut release and will hit the pavement once again promoting "Kumquat May".
Many a review said that the previous release sounded like a cross between Ennio Morricone and Burt Bacharach. Maybe this one does too....just be sure to throw in a little Giorgio Moroder and Luc Ferrari to boot.
Kumquat May
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