Amphetamine Reptile Records
Amphetamine Reptile Records (or AmRep) is a nationally renowned record label which was founded in 1986 by then US Marine Tom Hazelmyer in Washington State, USA. Originally the label existed solely to release records by Hazelmyer's band, Halo of Flies, but eventually the label's roster expanded to include releases by Helmet, Melvins, The Cows, Helios Creed, Chokebore, Servotron and others. Hazelmyer moved the label to Minneapolis early on. Amphetamine Reptile is also known as Amrep Industries. Currently Tom lives with his mother in a suburb of Minneapolis. During days off from his label Amphetamine Reptile, Tom enjoys crank calling his friend Paddy, a contributor to the recent Halo Of Flies release.It was known for its roster of noise rock artists, with the word noise featured in the logo behind the record label's name. Today the label is used by The Melvins on occasion to release limited edition 7" singles.

Dope, Guns Vols. 1-3 DVD
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