Christman/Müller/Smith/ Williams
Davey Williams, LaDonna Smith, Gunter Christman & Torsten Müller's classic outsider piece, originally issued on Davey & LaDonna's seminal Transmuseq label in 1981- complete with a separately printed reproduction of Hal Rammel's comic book "Song of an Aeropteryx"!!!

Improvised music in Tuscaloosa, Alabama had its beginnings in the early 70s out of diverse roots. Davey Williams had been playing with guitarist Johnny Shines and in various rock/blues bands like Wally du Goombah (which already included a lot of experimentation with instruments and sounds). LaDonna Smith was studying composition and teaching electronic music at the University of Alabama. They met in 1973 (introduced by harpist Anne LeBaron) and their first duo concert took place on the University of Alabama campus on April 7, 1974 with LaDonna on piano and viola and Davey playing both Gibson Les Paul guitar and bass clarinet. Davey Williams has observed: “There existed in Tuscaloosa a circle of friends who were playing very free music by 1970; some were musicians, some weren’t. This gradually evolved into a conscious effort to play ‘freed music’. When I met LaDonna we really triggered each other musically and conceptually, and our work as a duet led to the gradual expansion into what is now TRANS.”
White Earth Streak Reissue
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