Fred Van Hove
Pianist Fred Van Hove is one of the pioneers of improvised music. Not quite jazz, not really classical, Van Hove's music has elements of both, but manages to transcend those classifications to create a genre all its own. Van Hove's virtuosity brings to his music an almost impossibly broad range of influences, clear echoes of Erroll Gardner, Arnold Schoenberg, Lennie Tristano, Cecil Taylor and others—an uncommon and tantalizing combination. He has performed with most of the world's improv musicians in a variety of combinations: solo, duo, trio and large ensembles such as the legendary Peter Brötzmann Octet and Van Hove's own 't Nonet. For 2001, Van Hove planned new combos, such as piano paired with a quartet of string players, and his own line-up of piano, bass and drums—one of the classic jazz combos which Van Hove in some 40 years of performing has never attempted.
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