Starship Beer
Starship Beer was a trio from upstate New York which, during the course of the 1970s, made some extraordinarily cacophonous, sophomoric, messy, and utterly out-to-lunch music. Their brilliant insane-asylum racket went undocumented, save for a single LP, Nut Music: As Free As the Squirrels, issued in 1979 in a batch of 1000 and out of print ever since. The band's members went on to other careers (most notably, Kevin Whitehead became a respected music journalist, known for his book New Dutch Swing and his NPR jazz commentary), but there were some who remembered. One was John Corbett, Atavistic's resident resuscitator of extreme and experimental musical arcana of the 1960s and '70s, who reissued Nut Music (along with a few bonus tracks from the '70s and '80s) through his celebrated Unheard Music series.
Nut Music Reissue
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