Other Valentines

Other Valentines

Fred Lonberg-Holm Trio

The flh Trio returns with their second album for Atavistic: a beautifully conceived, bittersweet follow-up volume -and companion piece- to A Valentine For Fred Katz.

On Other Valentines, the Trio weaves ten rich tapestries from several luminary songwriters' works: Sun Ra, Syd Barrett, Jeff Tweedy, Gil Scott-Heron, Chan "Cat Power" Marshall (and yes- Mr. Fred Katz, too) are each given a timeless and virtuoustic treatment. Few albums released in this era have kindled more gentle introspection- or been as aptly titled. Playful yet poignant, Other Valentines is a lovely reflection of Mr. Lonberg-Holm’s personality, interests & obsessions.

News Flash: Fred Lonberg-Holm has just been enlisted to replace the departing Jeb Bishop in The Vandermark 5... and will be touring incessantly with North America's premiere jazz quintet this Fall!