Beautiful People LTD. (Expanded Reissue+Bonus Tracks)

Beautiful People LTD. (Expanded Reissue+Bonus Tracks)


Second Installment of four in Atavistic's series of remastered & re-packaged reissues (plus previously unreleased recordings!) for Jarboe. Super Deluxe 16-page 6-color booklet too!

Jarboe's solo work lays bare her desire to be a diva. If Thirteen Masks was a nice artistic step forward, Beautiful People Ltd.- Jarboe's duo with multi-instrumentalist Lary Seven is a further stride. Jarboe is at her freest, trilling though a collection of shimmery, off-kilter pop songs. Even the most Skin-like sounding tracks, such as "Liquid Bébé Psychedelia," receive gentle, lighter treatments. Don't miss the live cover of West Side Story's "I Feel Pretty".

BONUS TRACKS: Volcanic Ash Mix/ No Mix/ Warm Liquid Pleasure Mix/ Suicide Song Mix/ Badge Of Courage Mix/ Unraveling Thread Mix.