A Mystery Of Faith

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A Mystery Of Faith


A double-CD- packed with previously unreleased material from Swans and World Of Skin- with Jarboe on lead vocals.

Edited & remastered by Chris Griffin (who also recorded & mastered "Soundtracks For The Blind" & many other Swans/Gira projects), Mystery of Faith offers over 140 minutes of prime material from 1986-1997- and features humorous, obscure- and sometimes revealing- personal recordings of Swans performances rehearsals, sound checks & more. A completely distinctive take on one of the great avant-garde rock bands of all time- and a must-have historical document for all Swans fans.

ď... powerful stuff that is easily misinterpreted. SWANS ... are part of the template for so much to come in popular music -- Merzbow, Godflesh, Slipknot, industrial, avant-noise, post-punk, metalcore, Ministry, Neurosis, Sonic Youth, Marilyn Manson... Let pretenders beware. SWANS were real to the most frightening extent possible before self-extinction. Too real, almost -- the formula is repeated and watered down even today by lesser hands. SWANS music goes straight to the heart and body, rather than the head. Nothing is calculated.Ē --INK19

DISC ONE: Song For Dead Time (mix) Beautyís Punishment Everything For Maria Blackmail (live) Still A Child (live) The Man I Love (version) Come Out (mix) Dream Dream (original demo) Dream Dream Seque (version) I Put A Spell On You (live) She Cries (for Spider) A Mystery Of Faith Wayfaring Stranger (rehearsal) Wayfaring Stranger (live) Canít Find My Way Back Home (live)

DISC TWO: Incidentals Mother Father (segments) Mother Father (live) My Buried Child (live) Black Eyed Dog (live) Love Will Tear Us Apart (live) Motherís Milk (live) Hypo (rehearsal) HypoGirl (live) The Man I Love (live) Come Out (mix) Song For A Buried Child (mix) Motherís Milk (mix) I Crawled (live)