American Winter

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American Winter

Brian Harnetty

American Winter = holler musics woven with archival field/radio recordings, meeting the 21st century.

The Berea College (Kentucky) Sound Archives holds non-commercial recordings documenting more than 75 years of Appalachian history and culture. In late 2005, the Berea College Appalachian Music Fellowship Program was made possible by a grant from the Anne Ray Charitable Trust, established by the late Margaret Anne Cargill. The Fellowship program supports scholarly research in Berea's collections of traditional music.

“Brian Harnetty was among the first Appalachian Music Fellows. initially overwhelmed by the collection's richness, he quickly immersed himself in field recordings, radio programs, and oral history interviews. We conversed daily about what he'd heard, the concept of tradition, and collections as a type of composition. The resulting pieces take the known, unknown, and forgotten, reworking them into new cloth and exposing new layers of humanity." -John H. Bondurant, Sound Preservation Archivist, Berea College