Terrie Ex

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Atavistic is pleased to issue the domestic release of the second of two improvisational duet recordings featuring Terrie Ex (please recall Terrie's 2001powerful summit with the inimitable Han Bennink on The Laughing Owl (ALP129CD).

Terrie & fellow Dutch musical giant Ab Baars meet on a mountain of sound entitledHef, which runs the gamut of intensely challenging to strangely elegant over the course of its 14 dramatic pieces.

From John Corbett's liner notes: "Dutch Courage. That's when intoxication makes you fearless. Perhaps a fitting image for Ab Baars and Terrie Ex on their first record of duets... I'm not referring to literal drunkenness, of course- but a figurative image of being tanked, a thoroughly internalized sense of dizzy, giddy musical interaction- bravery to try things you'd know you wouldn't/shouldn't when sober. Ab is creative music's official Drunken Master (past masters: Ben Webster, Archie Shepp), and the marvelous Mr. Ex is a very worhtly drunkboxing partner. Free improvisation: three (musical) sheets to the wind....

What's it take to make music like Hef ? A liter and a half of Dutch Courage."