Miss Muerte

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Miss Muerte

The Flesh Eaters

The latest studio recordings from Chris D.’s legendary Flesh Eaters!

“By my count, Miss Muerte, is the thirteenth record by the Flesh Eaters. And it is probably performed by what is the thirteenth (at least) version of this legendary group. Initially formed in the dawn of the Los Angeles punk boom by writer/film-maker/producer, Chris Desjardins, the Flesh Eaters have been an on-again-off-again venue for his brain-devouring words and music since 1977.

Chris and his blood-spattered lyrics and his great ripped-throat vocalism are the only real continuum inside the Flesh Eaters’ Universe, but they are enough. They are more than enough. There is no one anywhere who sounds remotely like Chris. His voice is immediately recognizable whether it is in crooner mode, or in full soul-burning flight. Either way, there is a demonic rawness to the delivery, and a stuttering, lurching power that perfectly delivers the huge spurts of words and syllables that Chris crams into every line. So goddamn distinctive. So goddamn addictive.

Several of the tunes on Miss Muerte are used in the new film that Chris wrote and directed, I Pass for Human. And the use of the title song as both intro and outro suggests that the album has a narrative trajectory. But that’s a red fucking herring. The songs here may be in part related to the film, but they are really just great extensions of the music that the Flesheaters began laying down in the in mid ‘80s, when they started allowing influences like the UA-era Flamin’ Groovies and Exile-period Stones to mix with their own glorious street raunch ...it feels mighty goddamn good. So get on your knees, brother. And kiss the boots of Miss Muerte. --Byron Coley