No Questions Asked (Expanded Reissue+Bonus Tracks)

Preview Song from No Questions Asked (Expanded Reissue+Bonus Tracks)

No Questions Asked (Expanded Reissue+Bonus Tracks)

The Flesh Eaters

A complete reissue of the long out-of-print debut release by ‘70’s L.A. punk icons, The FLESH EATERS! Featuring perfomances by members of X (John Doe, Exene Cervenka & DJ Bonebrake), our NO QUESTIONS ASKED reissue also includes 10 bonus tracks & deluxe artwork.

“Of all the great bands that the Los Angeles underground produced in the latter half of the 1970s, none were more corrosively poetic, more explosively visionary than the Germs and The Flesh Eaters. The Germs’ story has been well-documented previously, and their back catalogue has been easily graspable. But due to the vagaries of history and taste and fate, the major early recordings of the Flesh Eaters have been largely unavailable for many years; a cultural wrong that is finally being righted by this excellent package.

The lyrics are wonderful bleeding collages of B-movie dementia, street crime, Mexican Catholicism and Dionysian punk spurt poetics. The vocals are powerful cat-scratched patterns of night-ripping fear, huge bursts of post-glottal raunch-vomit and cascades of pure and toxic love. The music is amazing. Just as The Fall (and somewhat later, The Birthday Party) took basic punk dynamics into whole new corridors of rhythmic/dynamic gloom, so do the Flesh Eaters. This is a potent combination. is the meat that lies at the beginning of the Flesh Eaters’ trail. Lap at its essence. Revel in its power. And rejoice. Blabbermouth lockjaw never felt better.” --Byron Coley