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Kink Gong

After recording the indigenous musics of countless Asian villages and releasing over 50 cd-r's of these documents on his own label, Laurent Jeanneau debuts his own KINK GONG electro project on Atavistic!

"Since 1995 I am involved in two complementary activities - first recording ethnic minority music, mostly in southeast asia (India, Tanzania, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China); and second, composing electronic music that includes or transforms those recordings. Every country has a different context, so also my approach is different - depending on how much time I spend, how close I am with the people, the degree of acculturation, how easy it is to find musicians, the political situation, who I am working with. In many cases, I seem to be the first one to record those musicians; I am aware of this exclusive dimension, but this is not essential. I won't pretend that I'm doing it for saving endangered cultures, nowadays everyone is using those words..." -LJ, 2009.