Silent City

Silent City

Brian Harnetty

Brian Harnetty is an Ohio-based musician, educator and artist, whose work involves typically overlooked elements of sound. Many of his pieces transform found materials- including field recordings, transcriptions, and historic recordings- into personal and often socio-cultural worlds. His music and installations have been performed and exhibited in the U.S. and Europe.  

SILENT CITY is the follow-up album to his incredible '07 work AMERICAN WINTER (ALP181CD), which is rooted in recordings & transcriptions made available to Brian through a residency with the APPALACHIAN FOLK ARCHIVE (Berea, KY). The end-result often feels like a gently compelling collision of  pure, real-deal "Holler Music" and the deftness of Morton Feldman.

Very much in the kindred-spirit, SILENT CITY features Will Oldham (Palace Brothers, Bonnie Prince Billy, Boxhead Ensemble) on vocals, and is a fascinating, compelling collaboration that mixes the last three centuries into one beautifully haunting, cryptic flow of idea-sound. Presented in a quietly handsome paper folio package!