Queen Of Siam Deluxe Reissue

Queen Of Siam Deluxe Reissue

Lydia Lunch

QUEEN OF SIAM, originally recorded in 1980, was produced by Bob Blank and Lydia Lunch. Featuring the noted talents of guitarist Robert Quine (Lou Reed), multi-instrumentalist Pat Irwin (B-52’s, Eight Eyed Spy), and the big band sound orchestra of Billy VerPlack (of “Flintstones” theme fame), and others, the work proved to be a slap in the face to those critics awaiting a new Teenage Jesus-type of album from Lunch.

On it’s inital release, QUEEN OF SIAM caused a furor amongst critics who were grappling at how to properly place and digest an album so ultimately different than what they were expecting. Dirty, sophisticated, literary and raw, the album is today seen as the jewel in the crown of the “no wave” underground movement. Lunch’s complete unwillingness to copy or affect the style of others created a sensual and hard-hitting musical landscape- derived of asphalt and stiletto heels, wanton desires or sickly obsessions, revealed poetically and with a finesse that startled even the most hardened of writers.

Lunch’s masterpiece returns with the original LP “breasts of nails” cover pic for the first time on CD. Enhanced features on the disc include a live video performance of “Knives in the Drain”, recorded live in London at the Bloomsbury Theatre, April 29th, 2004. Also included is the rare video for “Gloomy Sunday”, directed by Linda Di Franco in 1980; finally, the photography of George Dubose features additional snaps of Lydia from the Queen of Siam photo session, never before publicly seen.