The BRAIN Of The DOG In Section

The BRAIN Of The DOG In Section

Peter Brötzmann

Peaked-out duo recordings from one of the founders of the form and his ever adventurous, cello-torque-ing protégé.

Recorded live in November 2007 at Chicago's famed HIDEOUT destination, Brö & Brother FLH combine for the first time ever in this penultimately intimate configuration.

Although "BRAINDOG" (as we affectionately refer to these hypnotic tones around here) was recorded in an ultra-industrial urban warehouse district,
the resulting music is über-organic, almost onomotopaeic at points. Certainly, fans of SCHWARZWALDFAHRT (alp/ums254cd) - Brötzmann & Bennink's now classic free-jazz camping trip deep into Germany's Black Forest --are strongly urged to check into this seminal blast.

Listen, then if you will... for: THE BRAIN OF THE DOG IN SECTION feels as if you've entered another galaxy's notion of what an aviary should sound like.