Secrets of the Sun (Deluxe Edition+Bonus Track)

Secrets of the Sun (Deluxe Edition+Bonus Track)

Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra

The fourth deluxe RA reissue in the O-Card format from the UMS, released in
conjunction with EL SATURN Records has arrived: A superb reissue of a
mind-numbingly rare Saturn Records document from '62- with a previously
unreleased 17 min. TRACK... all available for the first time on CD!

"SECRETS OF THE SUN is one of the last great early 60s Saturn LPs to be
reissued-,and is one of his classic early New York releases. So rare that
it is barely known even by hard-nosed Ra collectors, it contains music
related in approach, acoustics, and arrangement to the more widely heard
material on Out there a Minute (Blast First). From a fertile period in Ra's
oeuvre, the "Solar" years, this group is more loose-limbed and ragged than
the Chicago bands, and considerably more edgy.

To augment this reissue of SECRETS OF THE SUN, we have included a track that
was originally designed to be the B-side of another Saturn record (catalog
number 547, a great mystery among Ra-o-philes)- a production that was slated but never issued. Tracking in at the length of an LP side, "Flight To Mars" comes from the same period exactly, with an extremely unusual tape-collage introduction, spliced onto a tremendously swinging, aggressive feature for drums and extended solos all around. Needless to say, it's an honor and pleasure to finally issue this music after it had rested so long in the can. Perhaps you'll agree that it's only gotten better with age. A well-kept secret indeed. -John Corbett, Chicago/July, 2008