Teenage Jesus and The Jerks/ Beirut Slump: SHUT UP AND BLEED

Teenage Jesus and The Jerks/ Beirut Slump: SHUT UP AND BLEED

Lydia Lunch

A fully-realized, thoroughly saturated archival reissue compiled by Lydia and longtime confidante/agent provocateur Tom Garretson, collecting rare, live and unreleased material from el No Wave flagship band.

This seminal combo was lead by primal screamer and guitarist Lydia Lunch, an individual who has fought her artistic way through the decades- always true to her own vision, and always brutally honest. In early 1978, artist and producer Brian Eno attended a series of shows put on to benefit the Artist's Space in Soho, and influenced Island Records to finance a compilation LP featuring four bands- Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, The Contortions, Mars and DNA. The resulting recording, entitled NO NEW YORK remains one of
the most impressive and extraordinarily bold debuts of the time. Parallel to Teenage Jesus, Lunch formed Beirut Slump, a short-lived unit that
released one single and recorded an album's worth of material, which are also included* on this remarkable collection.

SHUT UP AND BLEED remains incredibly fresh and totally brash- even 30 years after the original recordings were made.