Born Broke

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Born Broke

Peter Brötzmann

Peter & Peeter have once again joined spirits and forces, picking up where their trio with Peter Friis-Nielsen (c.f. Medicina) left off. This duo's only remote competition in the field understandably comes from Vandermark & Nilssen-Love's two-man implosion unit, DUAL PLEASURE.

A fresh double-dose of soul-purge from free men, presented in a Brötz art-brute package.

From Uuskyla's liner notes: "The liferoad of the one life you have. Been fighting all the time for playing untouchable sounds of simple music. My definition of beauty. Untouchable, therefore powerful, simple, therefore universal, for everyone. But you are notable to keep it only yourself, that's the strength. No amplification, not even monitor speakers or headphones needed for this duo. The punch and the scream the foundation of NATURAL MUSICMAKING!"