Humdinger:14 Improvisations and a Monograph on Failed Wind Instruments

Humdinger:14 Improvisations and a Monograph on Failed Wind Instruments

John Corbett and Heavy Friends

The producer of Atavistic's Unheard Music Series closes 2001 out with a proper release of his own- Humdinger: 14 improvisations and a monograph on failed wind instruments.

Humdinger is a "lovely" collection of musical improvisations by extraordinary Alabaman avant-guitarist/co-founder of the Trans Museq label & The Improvisor magazine/omnivorous surrealist/primary theorist of the "Object Guitar Technique"/hilarious elder statesman of improvisation Davey Williams, and Chicago's main man about town: charming gadfly/bon vivant historian/cagey raconteur/ venerated educator/matchless reissue producer, John Corbett-- featured here on a variety of non-farming implements such as acoustic guitar, turntable, synthesizer, radio & keymonica.

Recorded at Chicago's Experimental Sound Studio by Lou Mallozzi, Humdinger comes complete with the edifying pamphlet illuminating previously undiscovered, ancient scholarly texts by Davey Williams, fused with the willfully obtuse, Victorian-styled illustrations of Wisconsin's own Hal Rammel. This sublime treatise, entitled "The Prehistoric Brass/Woodwin Connection" , is excerpted briefly here for your perusal & consideration:

"Before the earliest instrumental music existed, before the first musical instruments, there existed an even earlier class of musical instruments, as evidenced by the illustrations herein. And this is their story, the saga of the brass and woodwind family of instruments that just couldn’t cut the mustard.... The beginning is indebted to the end, but the beginning is in turn indebted to the obviously flawed and undeveloped idea, absurd in conception, incredibly misconstrued, yet pursued with all the inspiration of an absent skill. Almost everything starts out as something stupid. No matter what it becomes."