Foetus Inc

Originally issued as ATV24, the Male! video has been a longtime best-seller on the Atavistic Video label. Now you can experience a NYC-style FOETUS INC. All Star BIG band pummelling on DVD!!!

Recorded over several shows at
legendary venues such as New York's CBGB & Chicago's Cabaret Metro in late 1990s, the "Male" DVD shows Foetus ripping through songs old and new, plus a few fun surprises along the way.

This recording packs all the brutal, unrelenting punch and atmosphere of Foetus'
studio work, while the band itself avoids slouching at any and all points. 75 minutes of CD quality live Foetus magic including "Free James Brown", "Fin", "Your Salvation" and more. The Foetus all-star big band includes members of Swans, Prong & Cop Shoot Cop.