Balls Reissue

Balls Reissue

Peter Brötzmann

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John Corbett’s Unheard Music Series presents a superb reissue of the legendary FMP label’s second-ever release: “Balls”, waxed by Peter Brötzmann, Han Bennink & Fred Van Hove-- the essential recording by one of the most influential free music trios of all time.

UMS has preserved the original package design, even simulating the uncoated stock used on the decades-out-of print LP; the monumental music has been remastered from the original tapes. Finally, the classic studio session originally tracked in 1970 for FMP has been augmented with two substantive, previously unheard & unissued tracks from the period. Interestingly, the “Balls” sessions were actually the first studio recordings commissioned specifically by FMP for release, as Manfred Schoof’s European Echoes (FMP0010) initially circulated as a live tape that ended up christening the label as it’s debut. “Balls” is the first album to be reissued by this famed trio, documenting some of their most spectacularly physical efforts during the their history together (the latter-day FMP label has reissued work by the group as a quartet including Albert Mangelsdorf). In short,“Balls” has it all: Peter Brötzmann’s blistering tenor squal, Han Bennink’s limitless über-kit world of sound, and Fred Van Hove’s ceaselessly inventive keys created unquestionably one of the definitive jazz recordings of the 1970’s. “Free Action!” indeed!