FMP130 Reissue

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FMP130 Reissue

Peter Brötzmann

Long hailed as one of the great powerhouse groups of European free jazz - hear, for example, their gutwrenching 1970 debut BALLS (UMS/ALP233) - the trio of German saxophonist Peter Brötzmann, Belgian pianist Fred Van Hove and Dutch percussionist Han Bennink waxed this (arguably their greatest) LP in a Bremen studio in 1973.

Unlike other, more sprawling documents of the threesome, the self-titled record, now lovingly referred to by fans as its catalogue number, FMP 130 shows the breadth of moods and materials open to the group in a set of concise, powerful statements. Listen to Van Hove's masterful celeste, Brötzmann's bottomless bass saxophone and Bennink's unlimited well of junk percussion.

Short tracks, a wide range of instruments, crisp German studio recording, and the classic cover with Brötzmann's distressed b&w photos, FMP 130 is a proud addition to the growing FMP Archive Edition.