Last Exit: Köln Reissue

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Last Exit: Köln Reissue

Peter Brötzmann

Finally after more than an a decade, this seminal lexicon of lightning is again available for public consumption.

A veritable Murderer's Row of sonic stalwarts, each at full strength: Brötzmann on tenor; Sharrock on guitar; Laswell on 6-string bass; Jackson on drums. Simply put, this lineup speaks for itself.

"You know, I really feel the Exit quartet is getting stronger all the time... we've been through our 'power playing' period. I don't want to be typecast as just a 'blaster'. Now the shit is really wide open- it can go anywhere. The interaction is getting to be very sensitive- though I'm sure there'll always be some good old passion and violence. But there's a lot of potential still to be explored, and i hope we get the chance to explore it." -Peter Brötzmann, 1990