Hard Again

Hard Again

Scott Tuma

Scott Tuma (Boxhead Ensemble) delivers solo-album brainchild to Planet Earth.

Tuma doesn’t just create music, he creates an experience. Listening to Scott Tuma transports the listener to another realm, it soothes and creates upheaval, it leads and co-mingles, it winds down a path of nothingness only to come out clean with a new perspective. Formerly of Souled American, Scott is a musician who builds sound, combining simple instruments and experiments using multiple generations of single sounds to create an almost other-worldly feel. He is a carpenter, a welder, a hypnotist, a healer, a pastor. Every note he plays has purpose and meaning.

With Jim White (Dirty Three) contributing mezmerising percussion, Hard Again can be compared to a symphony, but rather than elevating itself, the music stays down in the trenches with the listener, holding their hand and helping them up to dry ground. It is powerful. It is pure. It is a revelation.