Get There

Get There

Matt Marque

A refreshing, pavement-ty slap in the kisser... only on Truckstop.

Get There is Truckstop’s first full length release by Chicago native, Matt Marque. The record was recorded by Michael Krassner at Truckstop Studios and has great additions by Glenn Kotche (Simon Joyner, Lofty Pillars, Wilco) on drums, Steve Dorocke (Central Falls) on Pedal Steel, Matt Schneider (TOE) on guitar, and Krassner on many random instruments.

The record is a patchwork of brilliant, short pop songs that come at you one after another in classic Buddy Holly fashion. Matt Marque’s records are much more lovestruck, introspective and lighthearted. Get There conveys a sense of innocent discovery and wonder while wearing its heart on it's sleeve like a perfect teenage love affair.