I Was Born, But... (Original Film Score)

I Was Born, But... (Original Film Score)

Chris Brokaw

Soundtrack from the Roddy Bogawa film, as performed the inimitable cb. guitar bliss out, c.f. red cities and beyond...from chris' liner notes:

"my friend john engle called me up about ten years ago and said, "i have a friend named roddy bogawa who's been working on a film for several years. it's very 'avante-garde', and no one will ever make a dime from it, but he's going to call you in a couple of days and ask to license a Come song for the film, and you should say yes." he did, and i did. the film was called "Junk", and was a real delight.

in november 2003 roddy came to a show i was doing in brooklyn and asked if i'd like to score a new film of his. i'd never scored a film before and was really eager to work on it. i didn't really know how it was done, but i felt very at ease with roddy and figured we could do this together.

roddy and i really hit it off, i think in some part by having grown up around the same time, on opposite coasts, with punk rock becoming a really important part of our lives. i think we've each spent a lot of time deciding what exactly that means to us.

i love the film. i love the fact that roddy will take the time to find a great shot, and just linger on it for a while. it's really refreshing to me. it feels brave. i love the fact that i still don't know exactly what the movie is "about". collaborating with roddy on this was a pleasure and a great privilege."