The Lofty Pillars: Amsterdam

The Lofty Pillars: Amsterdam

Michael Krassner

Boxhead Ensemble Director Michael Krassner's submits another great full-length on Truckstop, with contributions from Wil Hendricks (Simon Joyner), Fred Lonberg-Holm (Terminal 4), Glenn Kotche (Wilco), Gerald Dowd (Robbie Foulks).

Caught somewhere between Europe and America, floats the Lofty Pillars second album, Amsterdam. Once again Will Hendricks and Michael Krassner have teamed up to write a soulful group of melodies with a wonderful sense of beauty and harmony. With the help of Fred Lonberg-Holm on arrangements, Amsterdam is a unique album- a combination of feelings, and a marriage of words and music that create an album reminiscent of a transplanted immigrant with a highly stylized craft. It is a painting from Willem DeKooning after he began life in New York. It is a Picasso, on post-Spain exodus.

Krassner and Hendricks have created an album that relies on the desperate, using broad brushstrokes of darkened decay finalizing something so beautiful and whole that it's difficult to fathom.