Preview Song from Latitude


Central Falls

Adam Vida, typically thought of as the drummer for the band US Maple and a fixture in the Chicago improvised music scene, steps out from behind the drum set and away from avant-garde styles to take up his songwriting debut with Central Fallsí Latitude. Taking on vocal and guitar duties, Adam delivers a set of gorgeous songs in the "Big Song" style. It is subtle and soft with a large presence.

Joined by his older brother Ben, of the acoustic minimalist group Town & Country, on electric lead guitar and vocals, the duo have assembled a capable and talented group of Chicago musicians. The band was made to include the likes of Steve Dorocke on pedal steel, Ryan Hembrey on organ and electric piano (both members of Edith Frostís band), Andy Uhrich on electric bass, and the extremely confidant Jason Adasiewicz on the drum set. For the recording of Latitude the rhythm section was rounded out by Noel Kupersmith, of the Chicago Underground Quartet and Brokeback, on acoustic bass.

On listening to Latitude one might hear elements of songwriters and bands such as John Cale, George Harrison, Neil Young, and The Replacements, and, due to the instrumental setup, hints of a classic country sound. Central Falls, however, is not attempting to recreate a pastiche of a gone musical era. They are creating new musical experiences that have been filtered through the Vida brothers other musical work and experiences. The treatment of the songs focus on space and mood which allow the songs to unfold at a dreamy languid pace, all the while remembering the well written core that creates an unforgettable tune.