Burning In Stockholm

Burning In Stockholm

Per Henrik Wallin

Previously unreleased smoking trio-based energy music from Scandinavian!

(from Mats gustafsson's liner notes:


The interplay between the players in the Per Henrik Wallin Trio has always been a model for me when it comes to communication in music, that particular symbiosis that appears in a group that has been working together over a long time. The kind of interaction that comes alive after sharing joy and pleasure/ pain and shit together, onstage and offstage….all the mechanics that lay within the structures of a working group.

… the tight grooves shared, the details shared, the energy shared and the structure shared - all shared together in the moment. sharing creativity sharing sharing moments sharing time sharing it together togetherness-sharing

I learned to listen to the music of the PHW Trio in the early eighties, live in my hometown of Umeå at the Scharinska Villan, the local jazzclub. The magic shared between Per Henrik Wallin, Erik Dahlbäck and bassist Torbjörn Hultcrantz (of Albert Ayler and Bud Powell fame) was a revelation to me as a very hungry-for-action 15-year-old beginner in the mysteries of creative music. …I couldn’t believe it…telepathy was the only possible word of solution I could come up with…..and maybe that is exactly what it was…and the music was BURNING!!!