U.S. RENEWALS ONLY- 2003 UMS Subscription

U.S. RENEWALS ONLY- 2003 UMS Subscription

Various Artists (UMS)

+++>SHIPPING IMMEDIATELY UPON YOUR RENEWAL: >>>peter brötzmann: the inexplicable flyswatter Ecd + book (ums236cd) a full-color 48-page Gallery Edition book/cd: "FLYSWATTER", commemorating peter's first-ever exhibition of visual art at the Art Institute of Chicago. >>>>by renewing your UMS subscription for 2003, you'll receive one of these beauties, SIGNED by Herr Brötz himself- in a LIMITED EDITION OF 50!!! 6 New UMS CD's to follow: >baby dodds: 1947 reissue/collection (ums241cd) >kees hazvoet: pleasure reissue (ums234cd) >mario schiano: on the waiting list (ums235cd) >sun ra archival release tba (ums243cd) >peter brötzmann: FMP 130 (FMP Archive- ums244cd) >stabbins/moholo: tern reissue (FMP Archive- ums245)

OPTIONAL ADDITIONS FOR THE DVD-INCLINED: you can add both of these upcoming sun ra-related DVD releases (regularly priced at $35.00 for just $25.00):

>phill niblock (w/ music by sun ra arkestra): magic sun DVD- (experimental/imagist film, aprx 15:00)

>>edward o. bland (w/ music & appearance by sun ra arkestra): the cry of jazz DVD- (early stunning B&W black empowerment piece, aprx 30:00)