Unheard Music 2005 Subscription Service (U.S. Members)

Unheard Music 2005 Subscription Service (U.S. Members)

Various Artists (UMS)

The 2005 Unheard Music Series Subscription includes the following seven cd titles:

-The Contemporary Jazz Quintet: Actions 1966-'67 reissue (ums250cd)

-Sirone (featuring Sirone/Charles/Lawrence): Sirone Live (ums253cd)

-Last Exit (featuring Brötzmann/Jackson/Laswell/Sharrock): Köln reissue (ums252cd)

-Brötzmann/Bennink: Schwarzwaldfahrt (FMP Archive Reissue- ums254cd)

-Dieter Scherf Trio: Inside-Outside Reflections (ums255cd)

-Joe McPhee: Pieces of Light reissue (ums256cd)

-Brötzmann/Sharrock: title tba (ums257cd)

If purchased separately, your cost (without shipping charges would be $91.00; your UMS subscription price is only $77.50, saving you $13.50, netting you a free cd PLUS a special like-minded gift gratis!

Your Subscription will be delivered in 3-4 shipments; if you'd like a copy of our latest UMS DVD release THE MAGIC SUN, please select CD-SUB+DVD for just $10.00 more.