Unheard Music 2005 Subscription Service (International Members)

Unheard Music 2005 Subscription Service (International Members)

Various Artists (UMS)

The 2005 Unheard Music Series Subscription for International Customers includes the following seven cd titles:

-The Contemporary Jazz Quintet: Actions 1966-'67 reissue (ums250cd)

-Sirone (featuring Sirone/Charles/Lawrence): Sirone Live (ums253cd)

-Last Exit (featuring Brötzmann/Jackson/Laswell/Sharrock): Köln reissue (ums252cd)

-Brötzmann/Bennink: Schwarzwaldfahrt (FMP Archive Reissue- ums254cd)

-Dieter Scherf Trio: Inside-Outside Reflections (ums255cd)

-Joe McPhee: Pieces of Light reissue (ums256cd)

-Brötzmann/Sharrock: title tba (ums257cd)

If purchased separately, your cost (with airmail shipping charges) would be about $125.00; your UMS subscription price is only $110.00, saving you $15.00- and netting you a free cd PLUS a special like-minded gift gratis!

Your 2005 Subscription will be delivered via airmail over 3-4 shipments; if you'd like a copy of our latest UMS DVD release THE MAGIC SUN, please select CD-SUB+DVD for just $10.00 more.