Bride of No No

Azita's Bride Of No No have delivered their magnum opus to date with this, their untitled second album. Their deconstructive sonic stance now collides head-on with their newly discovered (and surprisingly overt) desire to atonally hook you into senseless submission.

A quick history lesson, redux: Revered authentics of Chicago’s mid-90’s “NOW Wave” scene, The Scissor Girls made what some would consider to be the ultimate post-art school musical statement. As the SG’s developed, Azita launched her own label, SG Research to release Scissor Girls 7”s (long gone collector scum), and her own solo album, Music For Scattered Brains. Her artwork was every bit as compellingly arcane as the music itself; Atavistic picked up the slack by releasing most of SG Research’s out-of-print output on CD, as well as the SG’s watershed full-length debut, We People Space With Phantoms in 1996. In the hearts and minds of many- including THE NEW YORK FUCKING TIMES, the Scissor Girls are held in similar esteem to legends such as The Slits, Au Pairs, Mars and The Contortions. As with all the best musical collectives, their time would be very short before calling it a day.

Fast forward to 1999: an atonal phoenix rises from the ashes- and slowly, unperceptibly, clandestinely- and Bride Of No No is born. Their 2001 Atavistic debut, B.O.N.N. Apetit! won rave reviews with their gauze-shrouded “uniforms” and the record’s strangely dischordant yet compelling riffs; a tour with Man Or Astroman? unfolded, and a select slot at the Los Angeles installment of All Tomorrow’s Parties in 2002 ensued as well. Since then, the members of B.O.N.N. have been working on many projects. Available to YOU now is the delicious fruit of their burkha-shrouded labor.

As we are prone to say in these parts: it’s Azita’s World, we just live in it: she’s back from a great SXSW performance with (SMOG), and will be touring in support of her Drag City solo debut, ENANTIODROMIA this Spring & Summer. So: see her live, clutch your Scissor Girls records tightly, BUY the B.O.N.N. rumor & sell the NEWS- while it's fresh.