Complete Vogel Recordings Reissue

Complete Vogel Recordings Reissue

Fred Van Hove

Complete collected works by this brilliant avant-pianist's recordings on the Vogel label, spanning three LP's and a single from 1972-74.

These recordings, issued in very small quantitites, have become some of the most sought-after and difficult to find items in European improvised music. Even some of the hardest-digging vinyl freaks haven't heard of these treasures, let alone own them. Compiling the two solo Vogel records (Fred Van Hove & LIVE AT THE UNIVERSITY) and one record of duets with tenor saxophonist Cel Overberghe (Een Twede Vogel), as well as an even rarer 7-inch 45 by Van Hove and Overberghe, COMPLETE VOGEL RECORDINGS offers a rare document of one of the greatest pianists in free music from a particularly fertile period in his career.

As a visual complement to this two-disc set of astonishing music, UMS has included a lavish gallery of photographs by award-winning photographer Gérard Rouy, taken during the era of the LPs.

For listeners just coming to the music of Fred Van Hove, perhaps through his important membership in the Brötzmann/Van Hove/Bennink trio- or through his continuously stunning new music, this plump package will prove an invaluable insight, and for listeners already steeped in Van Hove, it will of course become mandatory listening.