On The Waiting List Reissue

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On The Waiting List Reissue

Mario Schiano

Mario Schiano's 1973 nonet opus, originally released on King Records! Schiano is one of the founding figures of free music in Italy, an intense and often uproariously funny alto saxophonist, bandleader and high-conceptualist who has been spreading his own postmodern eclecticism since the early '60s. Later in that decade, Schiano co-founded Gruppo Romano Free Jazz, and he's been the Godfather of free music in Italy ever since.

Recorded in Rome in 1973, On The Waiting-List is one of the rarest items in Schiano's extensive - and by-and-large impossible to find- discography. Originally released on the King Universal label, from Naples, and produced by Toni Cosenza, it is virtually unknown outside of its homeland (mighty obscure there, too...). An outstanding creative jazz outing, the record features Schiano on alto as well as organ and voice (on the extra-outre track "All It Takes"), with other luminaries of the Italian jazz scene, including bassist Bruno Tommaso and trombonist Giancarlo Schiaffini, the other two co-founders of Gruppo Romano Free Jazz. If you can conjure an “Art Ensemble of Italy” in your mind's ear, this is what it might sound like: straightahead tunes are twisted into unexpected shapes like a balloon artist in the park, a bossa-nova goes awry, sweet songs are given sinister solos.

On The Waiting-List comes packaged with the original, outlandish B&W photo of don Schiano. Fear not, jazz fans: the waiting is over.