Inside-Out Reflections Reissue

Preview Song from Inside-Out Reflections Reissue

Inside-Out Reflections Reissue

Dieter Scherf Trio

Another long-lost gem (in a possibly infinite series!) on Atavistic's UMS.

Originally waxed in 1974, and released in a microscopic private pressing on the LST label, Inside-Out Reflections showcases Mr. Scherf on a variety of reeds & piano; Jacek Bednarek on bass; and a very young Paul Lovens on drums. This (then nascent) Euro Free Music sound carries the day, in a classic trio configuration.

Inside-Out Reflections looks, feels andsounds like it should have originally emanated from the halcyon FMP ark- a kindred spirit bubbling up on the edge- just "outside" the epicenter.