Strange Strings (Deluxe Edition+Bonus Tracks)

Strange Strings (Deluxe Edition+Bonus Tracks)

Sun Ra & His Outer Space Arkestra

A deluxe reissue in a new O-Card pack from the UNHEARD MUSIC SERIES- released in conjunction with EL SATURN Records !!!

ďIím painting pictures of things I know about, and things Iíve felt, that the world just hasnít had the chance to feel...
Iím painting pictures of another plane of existence, you might say, of something thatís so far away that it seems to be nonexistent. Iím painting pictures of that, but it is a world of happiness which people have been looking for or say they wanted, but they havenít been able to achieve it.Ē
-Sun Ra, interviewed by Henry Dumas in 1966

"...all this considered, Strange Strings, the culmination of all Sun Raís string studies, is without doubt one of Sun Raís master works. Strange Strings, standing squarely alongside Sun Raís other epics of the mid 1960s, Atlantis and Magic City, absolutely shines as his most painterly of expositions in its surface richness and play with deep space and coloration. He has offered no world more strange than this in his entire output as a composer and orchestrator. These explorations are only hinted at in scattered moments on other recordings from this period. The full exercise of his very original and very imaginative powers as musical adventurer and visionary bursts forth in the masterful cosmic clattering of Strange Strings." - Hal Rammel, 2006