Pieces Of Light Reissue

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Pieces Of Light Reissue

Joe McPhee

UMS completes the halcyon McPhee-CjRecords trilogy with the reissue of these seminal duo recordings by Sir Joe and John Snyder.

Simply put- if Joe McPhee was born in Japan, he'd be regarded as one the country's "National Living Treasures". A truly original American soul-jazz maverick and standard-bearer of the form since the mid-1960's, he is a brilliant improvising musician who plays many instruments, including saxophones, trumpets, valve trombone, clarinet, piano, and sometimes electronics. Joe is held in the highest esteem as a musician internationally- and especially throughout Europe.

The Unheard Music Series' PIECES OF LIGHT (1974) reissue completes the CJRecords trilogy of Joe's earliest works- which includes the legendary and strong-selling NATIONTIME (UMS201CD- the UMS's debut reissue release in 2001), and TRINITY (UMS214CD).