For Adolphe Sax Reissue

For Adolphe Sax Reissue

Peter Brötzmann Sextet/Quartet

At last, the reissue of German saxophonist Peter Brötzmann's long out-of-print first record, one of the most auspicious debuts of free music, and a trenchant tribute to the inventor of the saxophone.

FOR ADOLPHE SAX is a roundhouse punch of European free jazz, delivered in 1967 by the saxophonist's first classic trio featuring drummer Sven-Ake Johansson and bassist Peter Kowald. Initially issued in a tiny private run on Brötzmann's own BRO label - silkscreened cover designed by Brötzmann, with hand-stamped inner record labels - it was later reissued on FMP as one of the earliest in the Berlin-based label's extensive, essential catalogue.

Unheard Music Series has lovingly remastered FOR ADOLPHE SAX from the original tapes, and the package includes a plump gallery of period photos from Brötzmann's personal collection. In addition to the original music, the CD is augmented by a never-released nine-minute track, recorded in the studios of Radio Bremen, which adds Belgian pianist Fred van Hove to the trio; in a way, this group give a hint of the transition from Brötzmann's initial threesome with Johansson and Kowald to the next working trio with Van Hove and drummer Han Bennink.

FOR ADOLPHE SAX represents the first installment in UMS's exciting new FMP Archive Edition, which will feature reissues of historic, never-digitized European free music. Upcoming releases will include Alexander Schlippenbach's THE LIVING MUSIC, Manfred Schoof's EUROPEAN ECHOES, Rüdiger Carl Inc.'s KING ALCOHOL, and more tremendous Brötzmann classics, starting with the long awaited return of BALLS and a full disc of newly discovered material from the NIPPLES sessions. Don't touch that dial!