Interzone: Requiem For Jack Kirby

Interzone: Requiem For Jack Kirby

Gregg Bendian

Interzone's third release offers up a musical tribute to one of the 20th Century's most important & influential visual artists: Jack "The King" a DELUXE 14"x14" POSTER BOOKLET full of KIRBY ART not to be missed!

Jack was a (or more accurately THE) comic book artist and writer active from the late '30s until early '90s- whose groundbreaking art & storytelling actively shaped nearly all future trends in the comic book industry's mainstream and alternative markets.

At both Marvel and DC Comics, Kirby created or co-created many of the major archetypes of fantasy and action including Captain America, The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Spiderman, The Silver Surfer, Thor and a myriad of others. The compositions for Requiem push Interzone's nucleus of Bendian and Nels & Alex Cline to new heights of spectacular wordless communication. They endeavor with vibraphone, guitar & percussion to reflect the dramatic, sumptuously colorful, archetypally violent, lyrically beautiful and always bizarre sci-fi world of Kirby's art.

Requiem for Jack Kirby is ambitious, cinematic, orchestral, and almost operatic in scope... sonic "clobberin' time" is at hand.