Alarm Reissue

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Alarm Reissue

Peter Brötzmann

"The story is simple. We were touring with this band, and the reason I could put the band together in the first place was a radio gig in Hamburg. Michael Naura, chief of the jazz dept there, was setting up a series of on-air concerts in a 200-seat studio, so we performed the first piece, which I called "Alarm." I used the graphic instructions for a reaction to a nuclear emergency, a series of waves and straight tones, repeated in a certain way.

We had planned two more pieces, one by Willem Breuker and one by Frank Wright. My piece took about 40 minutes, the first half of the concert. At the end of the performance, Naura came to me – while we were still on the air – and whispered that the house got a bomb threat and had to be evacuated. So I had to bring the piece quickly to and end and the audience was asked to leave the hall. We also had to pack and leave. Police and special forces showed up with all kinds of equipment, gear, dogs – we know all that better now than then.

That was the end of the concert and that’s the 40 minutes we have on tape. -Peter Brötzmann, Chicago, October 2005