Pica Pica Reissue

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Pica Pica Reissue

Peter Brötzmann

A sweet period piece from the FMP ARCHIVE, on Atavistic's Unheard Music Series- featuring Brötz, Albert Mangelsdorff & Gunter "Baby" Sommer.

"I remember at one period when Han Bennink couldn’t make the gigs – he was playing with Misha most of the time – Albert and I had a trio with Fred Van Hove, and we used to play in a little bar in Cologne which was run by the son of Päffgen brewery, a famous little brewery where Kölsch is brewed. It was equipped with an upright piano and a 20-liter barrel of fresh beer, which was empty after the gig.

Albert’s generosity and open-mindedness, compared to many other jazz musicians in the period, was remarkable. When he started working with crazy Brötzmann and Bennink, some of his colleagues gave him a very hard time. But I think he profited from our work the same way we did from his experience and musicality."

-Peter Brötzmann, Chicago, October 2005