Identification with the Enemy

Preview Song from Identification with the Enemy

Identification with the Enemy

Our latest selection for "The Pantheon"- Zü, have once again defied convention in their ongoing, internationally-based collaborative explorations.

After teaming with Ken Vandermark's Spaceways Incorporated for Radiale (alp151cd); then the Blue Swede, Mats Gustafsson for How To Raise An Ox (alp168cd), the Italian out-gods have turned up this time with Thrill Jockey artist DJ Nobukazu Takemura, to produce Identification with the Enemy:"a key to the underworld".

Identification is a genre-splicing adventure, a skin bracing blast of rhythm, loopadelia, avant-rock & jazz that is sure to be on the tips of la tastemaker's 2007-vintage tongues. This compelling, heady bouquet is wrapped in a signature Scarful-designed digipak, worth the price of admission alone. Identification = Bulletproof Sonic Action!