Hollywood Holiday Revisited

Hollywood Holiday Revisited

True West

Encompassing their early signature “desert psych”, and featuring core members Russ Tolman, Gavin Blair & Richard McGrath, Hollywood Holiday Revisited includes True West’s landmark Hollywood Holiday mini-LP, the classic Drifters full-length, PLUS the demo sessions produced by Television's Tom Verlaine-- all framed up in a scintillating 20-page photo booklet, with liner notes from Russ and Jud Cost (who was there from day one and lived to tell about it all!).

From Jud’s notes:... "True West: a two-fisted, two-guitar band you're bound to love even if you despise the rest of the groups in the Paisley Underground. I have no idea who said that or who these people were who disliked the Dream Syndicate, Rain Parade, Green On Red, the Long Ryders, the Bangles and the Three O'Clock- the Los Angeles-based combos that comprised the Paisley Underground. Everybody I knew loved them! And True West in their prime were every bit as exhilarating and psychedelic in the best sense of the word as benchmark Paisley combos Dream Syndicate or Rain Parade. To stand transfixed in front of dueling True West guitarists Richard McGrath and Russ Tolman as they created a turbulent sea of noise under soaring vocalist Gavin Blair would keep you awake all night, long after those six cappuccinos had worn off."