A Discontinuous Line

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A Discontinuous Line

Vandermark 5

The Vandermark 5 deliver on the epic promise of 2005's "The Color Of Memory", with what may well be their most ambitious compositional effort thus far.

"A Discontinuous Line" presents a remarkable range of dynamic musical ideas and influences processed; Vandermark fully leverages the vast experience & deep well of talent in The V5's third lineup in their 10-year history.

Call it what you will... Post-Bop, Avant-Garde, Neu Chamber Music, Free Jazz- it just doesn't matter any more. What does matter is the monolithic edifice that has been so meticulously assembled by America's finest working jazz ensemble: an authenticity of materials, an integrity of concepts, the will to get "better"- and the courage to change. A piledriving decade of musical endeavor has resulted in perhaps The V5's most complex and engaging studio album yet.