Four Sides To The Story (Deluxe Limited Edition Double-LP Boxset)

Four Sides To The Story (Deluxe Limited Edition Double-LP Boxset)

Vandermark 5

Atavistic has most of the available copies of the latest triumph from Not Two Records: a Limited Edition, Double-LP Boxset documenting the V5's 2005 gigs in Poland, on their "Color Of Memory" European Tour. Four Sides rivals Not Two's superb Alchemia 12-CD Boxset in quality, is even more limited in quantity, and features live material from both "Color" and the quintet's recently released "A Discontinuous Line". This hefty beast is an absolute must-have- and it's the first such artifact from the current V5 lineup with Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello.

...from KV's liner notes:

"When I look back and think about the ideas we were dealing with a year ago, and when I listen to the recording held in that club, Iím confronted with the failures that are there; which is probably why Iíd rather be doing something else than writing these liner notes right now. But Iím also excited by what I hear, that the start of the music by the new quintet was so strong. From night to night it continues to be, which is why after ten years this ensemble is still looking for itís next gig- so that it can keep finding something different to say and hopefully pay some of the rent along the way."

Side One 1. Vehicle (for Magnus Broo) [08:55] 2. That Was Now (for the Volcano Suns) [09:30]

Side Two 3. Camera (for Edward Weston) [14:11] 4. Suitcase (for Ray Charles, Elvin Jones, and Steve Lacy) [07:18]

Side Three 5. Convertible (for Charles Eames) [08:47] 6. Burn Nostalgia (for Art Pepper) [07:01]

Side Four 7. Some Not All (for Phillip Wilson) [14:44] 8. Reciprocal (for Santiago Calatrava) [06:44]

The Vandermark 5 are: Tim Daisy - drums Kent Kessler - bass Fred Lonberg-Holm - cello Dave Rempis - saxophones Ken Vandermark - saxophones, clarinets

Recorded, mixed & mastered November 23, 2005 at the Alchemia Club, Krakow, Poland and MAQ Studios by Micha Rosicki

Produced by Marek Winiarski

Front cover: ďSzlak trafilĒ by Andrzej L.Turek

Inside photos by Krzysztof Penarski, Bartosz Winiarski & Krzysztof Wesolowski

Graphic design by Andrzej L.Turek & Andrzej Wojnowski

Liner notes by Ken Vandermark and Wawrzyniec Makinia

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